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Beneficiary Resources

Partnership resources for understanding the Beneficiary Partnership, outreach, and recruitment

Below, you’ll find sample language, images, logos, and photos that you are welcome to customize. You’re welcome to use any of the text below word for word if you’d like! Outreach takes a variety of forms and your organization knows what makes the most sense for you – maybe it’s an email from a team member, maybe it’s an Instagram campaign (@Climate_Ride). We hope these resources will help you with whatever you choose.

If you decide to organize training rides, group fundraisers, form a team or host an informational session (details below), you’ll have fresh and fun content to reach out to your audience with.

And if there’s something you wish was here, please reach out and we will do our best to make it.

For a refresher on how we calculate grants or other program-related questions, please review this document. It’s a good idea to revisit it once a year, as we update it regularly. It serves as the primary source outlining Climate Ride’s Beneficiary Programs.

Climate Ride Outreach Kit:

Love Canva? We’ve compiled a customizable kit which you can use to quickly create your own designs there. Here is the template on Canva. Feel free to modify as needed.

Want help recruiting a team or making a presentation about Climate Ride to your coworkers/network? Look no further — our recruitment page has everything you’ll need!

Please note: It is not required that you set up a team. Your organization can only set up a team if you have a designated participant who will captain the team. Be sure to review the Beneficiary Overview and the Climate Ride FAQ if you need a refresher on how teams work.

Thanks to the support of Climate Riders and our donors, we have non-fundraising spots available to recognize members of your community. We prioritize individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color, low-income, young women, and LGBTQ+ for these awards. Climate Ride Beneficiary Partners can recommend Community Leaders. If you think a member of your community would be a good candidate for a Community Leader Award, please e-mail Caeli or Mackenzie, or invite them to apply via the form below.

We’ve created lots of materials to help you get the word out and to encourage your supporters to register in support of your organization. Here we have logos, high-res photos, images for print, social media and more!