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Vermont Green Building Network

Vermont Green Building Network (VGBN) envisions a world where citizens, organizations and institutions are empowered with the knowledge, planning and design tools that pave the way to a sustainable, energy efficient and carbon neutral future. Founded in 2002, the non-profit VGBN works with the building industry to achieve our vision of fostering green building in Vermont, thereby contributing to a thriving local economy, a healthy environment, and high quality of life in all communities. In April 2017, VGBN became the non-profit sponsor organization of the Burlington 2030 District to further its vision and mission. With over 3.6 million square feet committed, the Burlington 2030 District is a private-public partnership working to reduce building energy consumption, water use and transportation emissions 50% by 2030. By establishing the economic case for the necessary reductions, the District helps property owners increase asset value, reduce operating costs, and create a healthier community. Burlington is the 17th city to join a national network of 2030 Districts including Seattle, San Francisco, Pittsburg and Cleveland.