Mountain Bike Afghanistan’s mission is to empower young Afghans with the joy of riding and competing on mountain bikes, as well as connect people across borders for their shared love of cycling. Our vision is to transform Afghanistan in cycling, what Kenya is in running. Our goals are to introduce Afghanistan’s spectacular mountains to the world through cycling, achieve gender equality by promoting cycling among women, and protecting Afghanistan’s vulnerable environment and ecosystems by getting more people outside and promoting the bicycle as an active mode of transportation.

But at the current moment, due to the Taliban takeover of the government, which has put the lives of our cyclists, mainly women, at risk, we are focused on an evacuation and resettlement effort.

28 cyclists, primarily women, and their families are in urgent need of evacuation. We have been part of a concerted effort of activists and NGOs to evacuate them as soon as possible. So far, seven cyclists, including the team captain, have been safely evacuated from Afghanistan. We need your help to get the rest out IMMEDIATELY.

We are working with the Human Rights Foundation to carry out the evacuation process. Your donations will be forwarded to HRF and restricted specifically to the Afghanistan Cyclist Evacuation and Resettlement efforts. Our goal is to raise 250K with a stretch goal of 500K to help these individuals evacuate and resettle. 100% of these funds will be used for this effort, as the organizers have donated their time.

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