GivePower’s mission is to bring clean, reliable energy to those who need it most. We started by bringing solar power to rural communities that lacked access to this basic need, with a goal of powering schools and local community centers to enable improvements in education, food security, health, and access to global technological resources.

Hundreds of millions of students attend schools without electricity. Powering a school extends study hours, provides internet access, and expands teacher training tools. U.N. reports show that bringing power to schools even has a positive impact on improving graduation rates, gender equity in the classroom, and long-term local economic development.

After installing over 2,500 microgrids on schools in 17 countries, we started considering what else could be done with this technology. This allowed us to explore which of the most basic human needs could be addressed by productive end uses of power. Most recently, we developed an innovative solution to provide clean water to dry, coastal communities who currently have no reliable access to safe water.

In 2018, GivePower launched its very first containerized solar-powered desalination unit. These systems provide a sustainable and scalable solution to serve people who have been failed by traditional clean water interventions. This revolutionary solar-powered containerized desalination unit produces 70,000 liters of clean water per day and runs on 50 kW of solar.

In 2019, we aim to launch at least four more 70,000 liter/day desalination units, power a minimum of 25 more schools, and install at least seven solar microgrids in remote villages. In total, we expect these programs to impact well over 100,000 people next year alone.

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