CDi’s mission is to create collaborative communities through holistically designed programs for a more prosperous, harmonious and equitable global future, both domestically and abroad. We envision conscious communities as bottom-up agents for socio-economic and environmental change through intercultural partnerships, peer-to-peer exchange, and leadership. CDi employs four focal-areas: Community-Building, Sustainability, Advocacy, Health & Well-Being. CDi operates an organic farm in Virginia, and “Food/Agriculture” is a key medium to share our message. We host Haitian agronomy students and showcase demonstration and advocacy projects supporting sustainable and innovative community projects in Haiti. Current programs include: Miles-of-Trees Reforestation-Campaign, International-Farmer-Exchange, Biochar & Biochar-Alternative-Cooking-Fuels and more. CDi / Miles of Trees is a charitable fund raising initiative for tree plantings (starting in) Haiti and beyond. For every mile we ride, and for every dollar we raise, we plant one endemic tree in heavily deforested Haiti, where CDi hosts a range of exciting programs addressing matters of ecology and sustainability. Miles of Trees also uses funds for the support of community-based tree nurseries in Haiti, to scale operations and to provide capacity-building services.

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