Adventure Scientists equips scientific leaders working in the environmental and human health fields with otherwise inaccessible, mission-critical data. By recruiting, training, and managing a vast network of volunteers with strong outdoor skills –cyclists, runners, hikers, climbers, and more – we unlock access to data from any environment, on any scale.

To date, we have successfully built and carried out more than 130 data collection projects on behalf of scientific partners. Our network collected samples of the highest known plant life on Earth from Mount Everest; our scientific partner has since developed a non-chemical solution based on natural symbiosis to double crop yields on more than three million acres around the world. Scat samples we collected from more than 100 countries are being used to narrow the search for the genes responsible for antibiotic resistance. And, our microplastics pollution dataset, the largest ever collected, is being used by more than 200 governments and NGOs to combat this pervasive issue.

By supporting Adventure Scientists through Climate Ride and Climate Hike, you are building a more sustainable world in which researchers can think bigger, and rigorous science drives decision-making.

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