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Author: Michelle Levitus

Climate Ride Inspired Gravel Grinder Draws 220 Cyclists to Northfield, MN
May 15, 2018
The Earth Day Gravel Grinder was way beyond what we thought it could be!!!! -Kathleen Sprole, Team Road Life All photos courtesy of Carlos Sabillón of Sabi Photography. When Kathleen Sprole, Beth Walser, and Aleasha Markley came together to go on Climate Ride Iceland, they knew they were facing a big challenge. They each committed to fundraising $4,000 […]
Climate Ride California North Coast Spotlight | Erin Boyle
May 3, 2018
Take it from Climate Rider Erin Boyle–the research shows climate change isn’t worth gambling on. With a year of research in atmospheric chemistry during her Ph.D., Erin understands the challenges we face from climate change. Though her career path wound up branching away from environmental science, she still finds ways to contribute to the cause […]
Climate Ride California North Coast Spotlight | Lesley Plachta
May 2, 2018
Speaking up for the unheard Lesley Plachta is a professional fundraiser for a nonprofit organization that takes care of the elderly in the L.A. community. She sees a tie between the environment and elders in that “like the environment, our vulnerable, financially needy elderly cannot speak up for themselves and need us to take care […]
Climate Ride California North Coast Spotlight | Keith Hermanstyne
May 1, 2018
Keith Hermanstyne loves to visit national parks. He travels to see them many times per year, and he worries that increasingly extreme weather will, as he says, “prevent future generations from experiencing the natural wonders that these parks provide.” That should be a real concern for any of us who treasure our national parks according […]
Climate Ride California North Coast Spotlight | Kat Chen
April 6, 2018
Meet Kat Chen, a therapist and social worker who loves bikes because they are fun for little kids, babies in trailers, older people on tricycles, and older people blasting past you on Mt. Tam. California North Coast will be her third Climate Ride. In 2016, her friend Joanna off-handedly asked if she had heard about […]
Meet Climate Hiker Emily Gluckin
July 21, 2016
Emily Gluckin is a young women preparing for her first event with Climate Ride. She’ll be participating in Climate Hike this August, traversing through Glacier National Park with 20 like-minded hikers led by a team of knowledgeable Glacier Guides. Emily is currently serving a term with Montana Energy Corp, which is a project of Americorp […]
Ocean Riders Band Together For Climate Ride Northeast In Support of Deepsea Research
July 6, 2016
This September, a 6-person team dubbed the “Ocean Riders” are taking on the challenge of Climate Ride Northeast, pedaling 390 miles from Bar Harbor, Maine to Boston. Their efforts will support an ocean-focused organization, Marine Applied Research and Exploration (MARE). MARE has been a Climate Ride beneficiary since 2013 and is led by Founder and […]
Top 10 Reasons to do a Climate Ride Event
April 20, 2016
Sustainable Activities As Marketable Opportunities
October 28, 2015
During the inaugural Climate Ride Northeast, we met Climate Rider Ellen Callaway. As a food & product photographer, Ellen Callaway composts everything that comes into the studio. It’s one step she’s taken to be a “smart consumer.” She says, “Composting is like wearing a helmet. I can’t imagine not wearing a bike helmet while I’m […]
Meet Climate Rider Kristin Berger
May 19, 2015
For Kristin, Climate Ride is an opportunity to share what she has learned about climate change solutions. “Proven technological, financial and social solutions exist now,” she says. “I want to empower others to make a difference and show them how easy it can be to start this crucial conversation.” Kristin is riding for the Center […]
Meet Climate Rider Samuel Schuchat
May 18, 2015
At the California State Coastal Conservancy where Sam Schuchat works, they are helping Californians prepare for the effects of climate change that will happen no matter what we do about curbing emissions during the next 100 years. Spending time pondering mass extinctions and multiple feet of sea level rise can get a bit depressing, so raising […]
Meet Climate Rider Carrie Ungerman from Team LACBC
May 17, 2015
Carrie Ungerman has been considering a big ride for several years and decided Climate Ride was the perfect fit. “Riding a bike and championing the environment have been big parts of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad taught me how to ride and once the training wheels came off, I […]