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Author: Mackenzie

Intersectional Environmentalist
November 21, 2023
MISSION: As a new 501c3, IE is committed to developing and improving transparency and reciprocity with our community and partners in an effort to co-create meaningful impact for people + planet. Our commitment to shifting the narrative of environmental storytelling to center diversity and joy will continue to be rooted in the values of the […]
Prime Ability
November 21, 2023
Prime Ability Mission: The mission of Prime Ability is to build communities and inspire the lives of young people through fitness. The amount of obstacles students go through each day in order to just walk into the door and attend school can be enormous. In many instances, staying focused, steadfast, and avoiding distractions in our […]
How to get started winning a bike lane in your community
November 1, 2023
In an effort to help Climate Riders interested in making their communities more bike-friendly, we’re teaming up with Carter Lavin to get some insights into how to win a bike lane in your community. Carter is a bike & climate activist in Oakland, California who helps organizations and individuals build political power, hone strategy, and […]
The Climate Center in Action
September 6, 2023
The Climate Center Total Climate Ride Grant: $384,180.05 Activities Phasing Out Fossil Fuels | The Climate Center is creating a California free from the toxic impacts of fossil fuels. One where Californians power their homes and cars with clean energy, live in walkable communities and have access to clean public transport and bike-friendly streets.  Clean Energy […]
Gayle Fleming, Hiking for the Environment and Committed to an Active Lifestyle
July 10, 2023
Gayle Fleming is a remarkable Climate Hiker who has taken on Climate Hike Glacier at the age of 75. With a passion for the environment and a commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle, Gayle serves as a role model for healthy aging while making a difference in the fight against climate change. This […]
Rich City Rides In Action
April 7, 2023
Mission Create opportunities for the most vulnerable members of society by using cycling to improve health, economic stability, and individual and collective capacity. Increase cycling among all community members. Promote cycling as a social, sustainable, and green mode of transportation. Total Climate Ride Grant: $10,666 From Rich City Rides “RICH CITY Rides is pleased to […]
Rocco’s Bar Mitzvah Project
March 6, 2023
Meet Rocco, a 7th grader in West Marin who is combining his love for mountain biking with service work for his Bar Mitzvah project. Rocco is taking on an Independent Challenge with Climate Ride and planning to ride 36 miles, to support the fight against climate change. He’s already raised nearly $8,000 as of the […]
Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program
November 23, 2022
MISSION: The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program (FFRP) is a nonprofit organization that provides career support to formerly incarcerated firefighters and those currently incarcerated in California’s Conservation Camps; who are interested in careers in the Wildland and Forestry sector. FFRP was developed in direct response to the growing need for wildfire-related personnel. Their mission is […]
Black Girls Do Bike NYC
November 22, 2022
MISSION: Our interest is in introducing the joy of cycling to urban women and girls of color who often do not have access to green spaces. Our aim is to make women feel comfortable riding in New York City, so that they can decrease their reliance on cars, ride-shares, and mass transit by using bikes […]
Farming Hope
November 22, 2022
MISSION: Farming Hope is a garden-to-table job training nonprofit. They offer paid, empowering transitional employment in their garden and kitchen with formerly incarcerated or unhoused neighbors. They just secured a new long term lease with more than double the kitchen space which will help to recover more food and feed more folks in need. They also recently […]
November 22, 2022
MISSION: PODER’s mission is to organize with Latino immigrant families and youth to put into practice people-powered solutions that are locally based, community led and environmentally just. We nurture everyday people’s leadership, regenerate culture, and build community power. We organize in San Francisco’s Mission, Excelsior and other southeast neighborhoods, & forge alliances to achieve transformational […]
November 22, 2022
MISSION: Spokeland’s mission is to build knowledge, empowerment and self-reliance for members of the community and provide a safe and fun workspace for people of all ages, ethnicities and cultures, genders, sexual orientations and skill levels. “Bicycle mechanics in the United States are 91.4% male and 70.1% white. To help make this group more representative, […]