It is time for me to step away from Climate Ride to pursue other life interests. As I go, I want to let you know how inspiring Climate Ride’s achievements are to me, and how much I look forward to seeing its continued success. The Climate Ride community is in good hands as the organization grows to meet the interest in and concern for protecting the planet and for providing safe places to bike and walk. 

Climate Ride began the way so many other good ideas do – with friends, over beers, and a healthy dose of daring. You’ve probably heard the story – before we set out, we weren’t sure if you actually could ride a bicycle from New York City to Washington, DC.

Six years on, I’m proud to see what Climate Ride has become – an organization that hosts three annual bike rides, a five-day hike in one of our nation’s most spectacular national parks, and an independent program that allows anyone to participate at any time, anywhere, in any way they like. Together these events have generated more than $1.5 million in grants to organizations working tirelessly on environmental and active transportation issues. 

Thank you, thank you, to all the people who have helped make this possible along the way. While starting something new is a huge challenge, the reward has been even greater. Knowing there are now many options for bike and planet – lovers to raise money for organizations they care about, that there’s a strong and growing community of Climate Riders and Hikers who share passion and expertise, and that you continue to come together to support this movement in meaningful and effective ways – is all more than I could have conceived of six years ago. 

While it is difficult to say goodbye, it is also gratifying to see the organization take on new challenges and grow in exciting directions. Several new additions to the Climate Ride team, as well as new titles and responsibilities within the existing team, means the organization is well positioned and stronger than ever before. I am excited to see what they will accomplish moving forward. 

I wish all of you past (and future!) Climate Riders the best of experiences and hope to see you out on the road! Pedal safe, and keep in touch.

With warmth and gratitude,


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