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Climate Ride Ambassadors 

Climate Ride Ambassadors are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. They’re that perfect song that cues up just as you’re about to crest a hill and gives you the push. They’re the rain storm after weeks of curdling heat. They’re folks who share, who are passionate about our planet and ways to make change. They’re true bad-asses for the movement.

Our Ambassadors take Climate Ride home with them. They keep the spirit of our events well fed and nurtured. They get folks together to have a taste of the cause between going on rides, hikes and runs. They rally their communities to advocate. And they invite people in to the Climate Ride movement. They are posting photos and stories online, chatting with folks in the bike lane, re-sharing our posts, and answering questions about the rides, runs, and hikes and all the other great things Climate Ride gets up to.

Ambassadorship Responsibilities

You are repping Climate Ride. So please keep things up beat, look for ways to be understanding, and help folks take their next step on the road to doing more good for our planet.

On Social Media:

For example: I commute by bike to work #climateride; I support local agriculture #climateride; I installed solar #climateride; We rode 20 miles as a crew today repping @climateride

In Real Life:

For example: You could create a team for a Green Fondo in your area. Then you might host a training ride on the last Sunday of every month. We’ll send you stickers and some gear to give out at the end. And promo codes for folks to register for an event.

During Events:

For example: On a Green Fondo in Northern California, you’re shuttling to the ride start and someone asks how their fundraising becomes a grant. You let them know that Climate Ride pools all the funds from each participant based on what organization they selected, then issues a grant to the organization.

Ambassadorship Benefits

We appreciate all you do. And we like to show it:

Meet the Climate Ride Ambassadors fighting for the planet:

Frederick Ballo

Bicycle Commuter, Event Founder/Organizer

Frederick Ballo is an extraordinary force of nature in the world of Climate Ride. Since 2019, he has embarked on a staggering 18 rides, fearlessly pedaling through the wind and rain to raise awareness and fight for a sustainable future. With his unyielding dedication, Frederick has become an unwavering ambassador for the cause, inspiring countless individuals along the way. Not only has he personally take on the challenges of these rides, but he has also recruited nearly 20 like-minded souls to join him in this noble quest. Frederick’s passion is contagious, and his relentless efforts are a shining example of how one person can make an enormous impact. Through his grit, determination, and unwavering spirit, Frederick Ballo is transforming the world, one pedal stroke at a time.

San Francisco Bay Area native since 1976. Uses bicycles as a main source of transportation. An avid commuting cyclist since 2013. An independent bicycle advocate since 2015. Applied for the position of Bike Ambassador, representing a local bicycle coalition in 2017. Yearly attendee for Climate Ride events since 2019.

Founder and organizer of Fremont, Newark, Union City Bicycling as of 2017, which promotes safe and welcoming weekly bicycling events for all levels. Our goal is simple. Encouraging urban bicycling use with community support. “We just want to ride bikes!”

My own personal experiences with the Climate Ride organization have been a tremendous life changer. First: Travel! These events are held is some of the most scenic locations on the planet! To be able to cycle and take in the sights is a reward in itself! Second: Networking. These events bring groups of people together. Many talented people from all backgrounds. It’s fascinating to meet people from all over this planet who happen to enjoy bicycling in a non competitive manner. Lastly: Impact. Most people may not consider environmental or transportation advocacy to be on a priority list. To be quite honest, I would not have thought about it prior to attending a Climate Ride event. This organization has inspired me to ride across the United States. This would at least bring some positive social awareness for environmental and transportation advocacy. Please, just keep this in mind, we all have one planet to live on!