Action for the Climate Emergency


Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE) has a mission to educate, inspire and support young people to lead the fight for their future. They ensure young people have everything they need to understand the science and advocate for solutions to the climate emergency.

Total Climate Ride Grant: $69,745

From ACE

“ACE is immensely grateful for the partnership of Climate Ride. Beyond contributing to our work to address the climate crisis, the Climate Ride team has played an instrumental role in connecting ACE to other leaders in the space, strengthening and supporting collaboration in the environmental movement. We are thrilled to partner with Climate Ride in the fight for our future!” -Ash Lauth, National Director of Campaigns


Climate Advocacy | ACE advocates for a world beyond fossil fuels—a world in which our leaders tell the truth, acknowledge the climate emergency and act at an emergency-level speed to stop it.

Action Team Network | While elected leaders bury their heads in the sand, ACE is organizing, building power, and demanding solutions that meet the scale of the problem. ACE Action Teams across the U.S. work together to create a powerful force to demand that our leaders act on the climate emergency right now.

Education and Storytelling | Young people have the right to know about the climate emergency and the opportunity to take action to stop it. Our award-winning collection of digital media, Our Climate Our Future, educates young people about the climate emergency and activates them into action.


  • Our Climate Our Future, a digital media collection that increases youth knowledge, shifts attitudes and catalyze intent to take action.
  • Running several campaigns to rally youth to take local and national action including: calling on local governments to declare a climate emergency, petitioning JP Morgan Chase to stop funding fossil fuels, stopping the Willow Project, and more.
  • Registered more that 100,000 new youth voters across the US, with special emphasis in key electoral states.

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