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Climate Riders Cycling Lincoln Memorial Washington DC

Mission is building the global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to science and justice.

2018 Climate Ride Grant: $14,650


Online Campaigns | distributes online resources in the form of organizing and training workshops and education, videos, education materials, memes, images, and other media to encourage people to: 1) keep carbon in the ground; 2) help build a new, more equitable low-carbon economy; and 3) pressure governments into limiting emissions. Grassroots Organizing | has created local groups around the globe in over 188 countries who work in coordination with one another to create demonstrations and international days of action. Mass Public Actions | acknowledges that world leaders are incapable of solving climate change on their own. They create opportunities for supporters to get out in the streets and make their voices heard — that is how they demonstrate our power as a movement, and that is how they force governments to make the right decisions.


  • Rallying thousands of people to stop one of Germany’s largest coal mines for a day
  • Shifting the conversation on climate change in the United States so that the conservative position is crowded out and liberal and radical solutions of divestment, clean energy subsidies, and alternative solutions become centered
  • Organizing the People’s Climate Match which brought together 200,000 people and created 7.6 million social media impressions

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