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Climate Ride Blue Ridge to DC 2017 Rider Spotlight | Emelie Bergh

Emelie believes in being proactive about the climate. That’s why she has focused on sustainability in her work in fashion over the last six years. Emelie is quick to point out that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. At Zero Waste Daniel she helps to combat the industry’s chronic fabric waste issue. When garments are made in factories the off-cuts are dumped into landfills. Instead of the factory throwing them out, Zero Waste Daniel takes that post-production pre-consumer material and creates new textiles and new garments. Each garment keeps about a pound of fabric out of the ground. They are leading the fashion industry away from wasteful design.

Emelie’s concern for the future of the earth also leads her to be as eco-friendly as possible, whether that means eating a plant-based diet, using reusable Tupperware and silverware instead of single-use plastics, or biking to work every day. Her beneficiaries help motivate her to ride because they are all dedicated to making a serious difference. She’s raising funds for Fibershed, Project Drawdown, Sustainable Harvest International, Arts: Earth Partnership, and the Better Future Project because she knows that if we don’t start acting now, we won’t be able to have enough of an impact to prevent the predicted outcomes of climate change.