Riders in front of California Capitol 2013


Donors make Climate Ride happen.

Donations to participants allow them to take part in these great events, and provide crucial funding for their chosen beneficiaries. All donations to Climate Ride are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 27-1777457. 

Donors can support your fundraising using our online software (either right from your page, or by searching for your name here) or by donating via mail using our Donation by Mail form. It's best to send donors directly to your fundriasing page so they can read about your inspiration for participating in one of our events!

Please note that while we try to process mail-in donations the day they arrive, it may take a few days to process them. Please make sure you send in any donations you recieved in person in plenty of time before any fundarising deadlines or cutoff dates. Deadlines and dates are listed in our Ride FAQ in case you need to reference them.