A happy Climate Rider

Social Media Tips

Sharing your experience with others in your social network is a great way to encourage donations. It drives home why you are participating in your event and why you are challenging yourself. Social media will also help friends and family stay engaged before and during the event. Regardless of which social media outlet you choose to promote your fundraising, here are some steps you can use to help insure your success.

1) Cultivate your Social Media community.

It only stands to reason the more people in your community, and the more involved you are with that community, the better your support will be. And remember you're not only a fundraiser - you're a messenger for the cause, helping promote understanding for these important issues. 

2) State your need and your purpose clearly (and mention your beneficiaries)

“Please help me with your donation. By participating in Climate Ride I will be supporting (beneficiary/beneficiaries -- tag them too!).  Your donation will insure they can continue their work in creating new bike lanes, safer streets, and better public transportation to better our communities.”

3) Create excitement!

Try offering a raffle prize: “Everyone who donates $10 or more today will be eligible for the drawing for a sweet bike jersey signed by me!”

Use fundraising landmarks as motivation for donations: “I can’t believe I’m only $45 away from $1000. Will one of you help me over that mark today?” 

And, of course, use pictures! They always create excitement. Share pictures from training rides, especially of the hills you’ve climbed. Did you get a cut or scrape on your ride? Share a photo of it! This is a challenge and a journey - share that with your donors to show them your dedication. 

4) Ask for ideas and help.

Sometimes a friend of family member has an awesome fundraising idea that you would never have thought of. Can they donate some of their time to help you run a fun event? Join forces and think outside the box!

Maybe you have friends who don’t have money, but can help you by simply sharing your posts. Helping spread the word can be just as valuable as actually donating. 

5) Recognize your supporters

Any time you get a donation you should rightfully thank your donors profusely on social media. Make sure you tag your donor so your post will show up on their wall (and in all of their friends’ feeds!). The bigger, better and more sincere the thank you, the more others will be inclined to follow suit and donate as well. This is also a great time to... (continued in number 6)

6) Keep your followers up to date with your progress - your fundraising, your training, your excitement!

Share fundraising milestones: “I was so moved by the generosity of my dear friend (name and tag them!) who made a contribution to support my ride and became my latest Climate Champion! Thanks to (his/her) kindness I am now only $500 away from my fundraising goal of $4000.”

Or a training ride: 

7) Keep your donors and community involved during your event.

It’s always nice to have your donors and community follow you along your journey. Announce your departure and post plenty of pictures along the way to let everyone know you’re thinking of them and that you appreciate their support, which helped you get to where you are. 

Technical Tips

1. Keep your post short and sweet.

Some social media sites, like Twitter, limit the number of characters in your post. Others, like Facebook, practically allow you to post a novel. Don’t do it!

2. Tag your friends!

Specifically tag friends you’re targeting as donors. Then your post will show up on their wall, and their friends will see your post as well. Always end your post with the link to your Climate Ride Fundraising page. This will create a “badge” that will allow your followers to click and go directly to your page to make a donation.

3. Upload the photo first.

For Facebook posts, if you’re including a photo upload it before you include the link to your fundraising page. This way, the photo will be included in the post (versus the badge associated with the link) and the link will still be active when the post goes live.