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Image of Terry Sawyer (RNC16)

Oysters and Oceans! A tale of the current situation from a coastal perspective

Terry Sawyer

Founding Partner, VP, Project Development and CTO, Hog Island Oyster Company

Marine Studies at UC Santa Cruz brought Terry to California, and he began work, first as a volunteer and then as a full-time aquarist, with the brand new Monterey Bay Aquarium. There, he developed his expertise in collecting, husbandry, botany, and the methods critical for providing healthy environments for marine organisms. Terry left the Aquarium in 1988 to become a partner with the Hog Island Oyster Co. His experience made for a great fit as he pioneered Hog Island's first wet storage tanks to hold live oysters. This state-of-the-art system creates a natural, bay-like aquarium where harvested oysters purify and chill while waiting to head to market.

Today, Terry is in charge of all technical operations at Hog Island, including the design and implementation of seed hatchery operations along with ongoing site and building developments at Hog Island Oyster Farm in Marshall. Terry has focused his career on aquaculture policy development, working with regulatory agencies and multiple partners to ensure the long-term health of shellfish and Tomales Bay Watershed. He is also actively leading Hog Island’s involvement in Ocean Acidification research with UC Davis Bodega Bay Marine Labs, CCAN and other Ocean conservation groups.