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Image of Gowan Batist (RNC16)

Carbon Farming

Gowan Batist

Sustainability Manager, North Coast Brewing Company and Farmer at Fortunate Farm

Gowan Batist grew up on the Mendocino coast, and is the 5th generation to steward land here. After attending college for Metal Fabrication and Sustainable Agriculture, Gowan worked on farms in the Portland OR area, volunteered in plant pathology and Integrated Pest Management clinics for Oregon State's extension, and took training courses on Horticultural Therapy. Gowan returned to the Mendocino coast to manage Fort Bragg Unified School District's high school farm-to-school program. There she began composting spent grain from North Coast Brewing Company as a side project, and fell in love with it.

Over the course of several years of building and experimentation it became clear we needed a bigger site and more devoted time. We were able to preserve 40 acres of coastal agricultural land by partnering with North Coast Brewing Company. Gowan is now NCBC's Sustainability Manager, and full time farmer. She has presented internationally as a United States delegate to Terra Madre, a sustainable food and farming summit, as well as spoken about their work around the country. We are passionate about soil health, carbon sequestration, and local empowerment and access to local food for everyone in our community.