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What Climate Riders are reading…a change in the weather on Wall Street

Caeli Quinn on November 9, 2012, 9:43 AM

Check out today's piece on climate and Wall Street...will we see a change in the dialogue? There are interesting insights from Betsy Taylor who has been a featured speaker at Climate Ride.

PHOTOBOMBED by a bike! We heard from a few of our East Coast bicycling friends, who were able to get around when Sandy rendered cars and rail useless.

Four African teenage girls have developed a prototype that turns urine into energy - your daily average pee could make 12 hours of power.

This exposé 'Power, Pollution and the Internet' has been out for a few weeks, but if you missed it, it's a definite MUST READ. Jawdropper. Nothing is free, folks. Not even the cloud.

Check out these eerily beautiful images from environmental photographer James Balog new book Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers. Last year, a chunk of ice TWICE the size of Manhattan broke off from one of these glaciers.

Toddlers and adults agree - This bike light is better than a lightsaber!


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