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All Together for Shelli

Emily Kern on September 27, 2016, 1:56 PM

On September 18th, a passionate bike advocate was struck by a car going 60 mph on Highway 2 in Montana. Shelli Snyder, a co-founder and former board member of Bike Cleveland, was cycling from Cleveland to Seattle while raising funds and awareness for Bike Cleveland through a Climate Ride Independent Challenge. As of today, she is on her way home from the hospital and on the long road to healing.

Unfortunately, we have not had the pleasure to meet Shelli in person; however, we were fortunate enough to hear from her on the road as she crossed the South Dakota border in mid-August. Although Shelli is currently in an induced medical coma and cannot speak, we wanted to share this piece in honor of her enthusiasm, passion, and shining personality. She is an inspiration to all of us. Please share and donate to Shelli's Medical and Cheer Fund if you can. 

Shelli, August 18, 2016:

My ride has been going great so far! Yesterday marks 2 weeks on the road, and I should cross my 1,000-mile line later today or early tomorrow (depends on how many times I get lost!)

Currently, I am in Minnesota and should be crossing over to South Dakota tomorrow. I am excited to discover the Badlands, Wind Cave and Rushmore in the next few weeks before I begin the Lewis & Clark Route in Montana. (I will be tossing Devils Tower in there too, of course).

Here’s a little about why I am taking this journey: I have always wanted to ride across the country. I love bicycle touring and have been a member of the Adventure Cycling Association for many years. I crave endurance rides, the long miles and the fun of exploration while I am in the saddle. Although I have many a bike tour under my belt, I have not done one as extensive as cross country, so when my partner, who was transferred to the Seattle area two years ago, and I decided to move in together, I decided that I would bike there. And as a result, #CLE2Sea was born! :)

Other than fueling my mid-life crisis with donations from friends and family for peanut butter, ice cream and craft beer, I decided to give back to the very organization that skyrocketed my involvement with grassroots advocacy organizations: Bike Cleveland.

I won't repeat myself by typing everything in my blog post and on my fundraising page (however they are a very important read), but I will say that I do not believe I would be where I am today in my interests, my masters degree, or this actual ride if it were not for Bike Cleveland. The impact the organization has had not only on my community, but my own life, is something I am incredibly thankful for. Simply put: They are AMAZING.

Continued from Shelli’s Climate Ride fundraising page:

I believe in living and sharing your passions. I am passionate about bicycles and passionate about being a part of transforming communities into ones that embrace them. Bike Cleveland has given me the opportunity to live and share this passion, and for that I am grateful. I plan to take this experience to my new home and to the organizations that help it thrive, but I will always remain a member and supporter of the very organization that helped me grow.

I am not only proud to be a part of Bike Cleveland, but to be able to continue to represent and raise awareness, support and funds for the organization by incorporating Climate Ride into my journey west is an incredible opportunity. A gift really­–one that gives back to our communities, our environment and to Bike Cleveland.

All of us at Climate Ride are wishing Shelli a sound and speedy recovery! #shellistrong #cle4shelli #cle2sea

For updates and to donate to her Medical and Cheer Fund, go here.


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