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New Climate Ride Videos! Get Pumped Up!

Caeli Quinn on January 16, 2013, 11:29 AM

A huge Thank You to past rider Brad Heavner of the Climate Protection Campaign for putting these videos together. Here's a message from Brad himself:

"Hey Riders. Here are two video I put together from the footage I took on Climate Ride. I hope you will use them to recruit riders for this year's ride. My idea is that the 4-minute version will be for gatherings where you're recruiting riders among people who are already open to riding. It has longer cycling clips for them to soak in the scenery and speaks to people's reservations. The 2-minute version can be put on websites or sent to a more general audience."

These videos would also be great for potential donors to help them better understand Climate Ride and just how important their donation is. Here are links to the 4-minute version and the 2-minute version.

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