Two riders from CA 2013 at Stinson Beach


Climate Ride constantly seeks funding and sponsorships from socially responsible organizations to help support the cost to produce our bike ride and hike events, but to ensure that our voice represents the values of our participants and beneficiaries, Climate Ride relies mainly on small donations from individuals to operate. Below are some of our generous supporters:

Annual Fund Donors Logo

Annual Fund Donors


We would like to recognize the donors who have contributed to the Climate Ride Annual Fund. Thank you to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to continue to motivate people to ride and hike further than they thought possible, continue to connect people to the natural world and continue to empower people to become philanthropists!

March Conservation Fund Logo

March Conservation Fund


March Conservation Fund expands protected areas, supports ecological research, and empowers the public to become stewards and advocates for the natural world.

Classic Hotels and Resorts Logo

Classic Hotels and Resorts


Classic Hotels & Resorts is a full-service hotel & resort management company. Classic Hotels & Resorts is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability guided by their hotel and green certification partnerships. Classic accepts responsibility for and stewardship of environmental best practices with owners, associates, suppliers and guests and actively works to incorporate ongoing green practices to reduce the environmental impact of the Classic Collection.

Dhana Logo



Dhana is an earth-conscious fashion brand celebrating our global connections in life. They feature organic, fair trade fabrics and designs by eco-minded artists around the world. Their kids’ eco fashion collections are a fun, hip and healthy way to get young children thinking about how all of us are interconnected and interdependent with nature and each other. Their clothing lines are made with love in certified fair trade facilities with 100% GOTS-certified cotton and low-impact dyes.

Kaiser Permanente Logo

Kaiser Permanente


Kaiser Permanente has been providing quality healthcare for over 60 years. They're dedicated to improving the health of their members and the communities they serve, by creating safe, healthy environments and providing care and coverage for all. They improve the areas they serve through community involvement and through their support of events like Climate Ride.   

Cycle Ventoux Logo

Cycle Ventoux


CycleVentoux offers on-the-ground, local knowledge and planning for the best customized adventure travel experience - at whatever level you desire.
Based in Séguret, France and Barolo, Italy, they have cultivated a wealth of local expertise and connections, a finely-tuned attention to detail, and an appreciation for local history, culture, cuisine and wine.

Cypress Creek Renewables Logo

Cypress Creek Renewables


Cypress Creek Renewables partners with local communities and utilities to provide widespread access to affordable, clean energy. Cypress Creek Renewables’ solar solutions produce energy at or below market costs, while our locally based development strategy allows them to deploy solar where the power is needed most. With well over $2 billion raised and invested and over 5 gigawatts of local solar farms deployed or in development, Cypress Creek Renewables is the largest and fastest-growing dedicated provider of local solar farms.

Sombra Mezcal Logo

Sombra Mezcal


Honoring tradition with innovation and respect for the earth, Sombra makes Oaxacan style mezcal from the finest ingredients. 

Moved By Bikes Logo

Moved By Bikes

In-Kind Donor

Moved By Bikes was founded with the mission to create simple, effective products that make it easier to “do more” with your bike. They have generously donated some of their versatile bike storage solutions to Climate Ride for use on our ride events.