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Currently, less than 3% of charitable giving in the U.S. supports the environment and active transportation, and at Climate Ride, we are endeavoring to change that by increasing advocacy, providing life-changing events, and powerful grants. This is an important moment in the sustainability movement and the issues we face become more urgent each day. These funds impact diverse organizations working to solve immense challenges. Congratulations to Climate Ride participants. Since 2008 we've donated nearly $4 Million to the cause. Thank you for your mighty efforts!



$875,011.00 Granted to 120+ Beneficiaries in 2015 – 20 Percent Increase Over 2014 Grants

Thanks to the generosity and passion of our participants, supporters and donors, we are awarding a record $875,011.00 in grants in 2015. This year, Climate Ride grew from three to seven events across the nation. 435 people biked and hiked an astounding 121,000 miles to support climate, conservation, and active transportation.



$725,000.00 Granted to 100+ Beneficiaries in 2014

It's official! A tremendous thanks to the Climate Riders, donors and supporters for a record-breaking year at Climate Ride. Our grant program increased 42% over 2013. Support for active transportation and sustainability is strong. In 2014, our programs included three national rides, a charitable hiking challenge in Glacier National Park and our Independent Challenge option. Our 390 participants helped create this astounding impact. 

As support for climate and sustainability increases across all sectors of the non-profit community, we've increased grants to public health, research, and conservation. Participants selecting active transportation continues to grow. 

Below you'll see where our participants came from in 2014. By adding a new ride in the Midwest in 2014, we saw our overall participation soar from 4% to 26% in that region between 2013 and 2014. With the development of one new ride with 110 participants, more than $125,000 dollars in grant funds directly impacted local non-profits working in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Indiana and the Chicago area. This does not include 2014 grants to national organizations on our beneficiary list that also do work in these communities.

In 2015, Climate Ride plans to introduce a new ride in the Northeast that will provide inspiration and funding for that region. We would like to thank the many people who made contributions small and large to the Climate Ride Annual Fund which helped deliver the Midwest Ride in 2014. You can help support the new Climate Ride Northeast by making a tax-deductible donation to the Climate Ride Annual Fund here. Help us grow our impact!

How It Works

Climate Ride, founded in 2008, inspires and empowers citizens to work toward a sustainable future. Climate Ride unites advocacy and philanthropy. We use sport as a means to change lives and build an effective, citizen-based sustainability movement.

Climate Ride organizes multi-day bike rides and hikes which serve to engage new stakeholders and strengthen advocacy for the environment. Climate Ride supports participants to reach out to thousands of people and to raise funds for Climate Ride. Participants get to select the projects and organizations, working on climate change, clean energy, active transportation, sustainable infrastructure, and public health, that will receive grants through the Climate Ride grants program.  

In nine years, Climate Ride has grown from a one-ride, 113-participant event to an environmental education, advocacy, and grantmaking organization attracting more than 3,000 participants. Climate Ride has given 519 grants totaling nearly $5 million to sustainability, conservation, and bike advocacy efforts at a local and national level.  Climate Riders have pedaled over 800,000 miles and Climate Hikers have hiked over 6,000 miles for the Climate Ride cause.

How does Climate Ride work?

Climate Ride combines advocacy, education, and grant-making through multi-day bicycling and hiking programs to raise awareness and funds. Our en-route programming focuses on environmental education, civic engagement, community-building, and active transportation advocacy. Taken together, Climate Ride builds citizen momentum toward a sustainable future.

When a participant signs up for a Climate Ride or Hike, he or she makes an important commitment to meet the fundraising minimum. By self-pledging and fundraising, participants contribute to the grants program, cover the cost of their participation, and support Climate Ride’s future growth, development, and programs.

On average:

  • 50-55% of participant funds go directly to the Climate Ride grants program where the funds are disbursed to the designated benefiting organizations in the form of an unrestricted grant. Benefiting organizations are beneficiaries of all events so their grant is the collective result of all the participant fundraising throughout the year. Grants are issued one time per year, at the end of December.
  • 15-20% of participant funds go to support Climate Ride programs
  • The rides and hikes program expenses are on average 30%

Our team helps participants to raise more money for Climate Ride, which increases the funds directed to the grants program. Thus, the beneficiary organizations selected by participants benefit proportionally, at no cost to the organization. We calculate each grant based on each participant’s individual fundraising. This means that if a participant self-pledges and raises more than the minimum, then an even higher percentage of their fundraising goes directly to the organizations they select. Most participants select between two and five organizations to support.

At the beginning of each year, we identify 100+ organizations to benefit from our annual grant-making program. Participants may either designate one of these organizations as their beneficiary or identify a new nonprofit organization that qualifies for beneficiary status. And, we encourage benefiting organizations to launch their own teams for participation. We provide beneficiaries with the resources and guidance to establish teams and maximize their end-of-year grants.

Does it cost my favorite beneficiary anything to participate?

Absolutely not! Many of the best and brightest non-profits in the sustainability space are small, local groups that cannot put on this type of environmental education and community building rides or hikes for their own benefit. With Climate Ride they can focus on their mission while we focus on bringing positive climate action to new areas, raising critical funds, and engaging more advocates to support the sustainability movement.

Climate Ride has inspired thousands of participants and provided new opportunities for environmental and active transportation groups around the U.S. If you have any questions about our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Annual Reports

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