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Committed to Sustainability

Climate Ride works hard to create the most sustainable multi-day endurance events in the country.  We think it's important to keep our events as low impact as possible. Read on to learn about how we reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet!

Less Waste!

On Climate Ride, you won't see plastic cups, bottles, plastic goodie bags or any of the throwaway waste that you typically see at sporting events. Climate Riders often bring their own water bottles and coffee mugs -- all they need to enjoy beverages on the trip! There are plenty of non-bagged goodies, as well as drink coolers, at our snack stops, but we downsize the unnecessary waste. While our focus is on reducing and reusing, we also work hard to collect and recycle any cans and bottles that do crop up. We also bring food waste to local composting facilities along the way.

Hybrid, Veggie Oil-Powered and High-MPG Support Vehicles

When you have 200 people bicycling from NYC to DC or through California, you need support vehicles to provide for safety and bike maintanence.  Climate Ride uses hybrid and biodiesel vehicles when available or high-MPG cars to get the job done.  We calculate exactly how much support we need to provide the best service without overdoing it.

Carbon Offsets

While we know carbon offsets aren't license to emit at will, purchasing them is a way to support projects that reduce carbon emissions, and raise awareness that you can't reduce what you don't measure. Our motto is reduce, reduce, reduce, and offset what remains. We offset all carbon emissions associated with our operations and office space. We also offset all the participant and staff travel to and from the event. In fact, all of the Climate Ride events have been certified as carbon neutral! 

We can thank ClearSky Climate Solutions for creating and supporting quality renewable and wind energy projects. Use this handy Carbon Calculator to calculate your carbon footprint and then buy offsets.  Do what you can to live a little greener.  We'll do the same.

Responsible Web Hosting

Our web host, AISO helps us in our commitment to a green business model. In addition to using energy efficient hosting technologies, AISO powers 100% of its facilities with solar energy.